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CPRE Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: Potential approximate routes


Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: Seven Towns of Otmoor Walk on Sunday 8 July, beginning at 9:30am at St Barnabas Church in Horton cum Studley

Participants are encouraged to bring a snack lunch and plenty of water.  Dogs with leads are welcome.  

There will be a pause for lunch and entertainment at Charlton from11:15am to 2pm.   Because the walk is scheduled to last until approximately 6pm, people are welcome to participate in segments if they choose.  See attached flyer for more details or visit  walkthemoor.net

Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: Timing of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

In respect of the Strategic Envrionemental Assessment (SEA), the following response has been received from Highways England by Horton cum Studley PC.


Dear Ms Foxcroft,

Thank you for your email dated 22 May 2018.  It has been passed to Highways England from Martin Tugwell from the England’s Economic Heartland Strategic Alliance

A strategic environmental assessment (SEA) at this stage of the corridor selection is premature. This early stage of the process does not give rise to a SEA obligation.

The decision at this time is between corridor options which are simply a decision on which corridor to pursue. This indicates that the SEA would not be considered this early in the process because at this time we are not seeking consent.  We are currently appraising the environmental constraints for all corridors which is far more sensible and cost efficient at this time.

We are at a very early stage of development of this project.  During the next stage, commencing in Autumn next year, Highways England will conduct a full consultation on a number of route options in order to make a recommendation to the secretary of state of a preferred route.

Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: Letter to Chris Grayling from Beckley & Stowood PC

Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling MP

Secretary of State for Transport


Dear Mr Grayling,

On behalf of the parishioners of Beckley and Stowood we wish to express our opposition to Route S2 in Corridor B for the proposed Oxford Cambridge 6-lane Expressway and additional 320,000 + houses, which accompany it.

This route which leaves the A34 south of Oxford, cuts through the Green Belt, somehow circumnavigates Shotover Hill with its Nature Reserve, SSI and Park with a Grade 1 listed building and cuts through more Green Belt land running very close to Sydlings Copse and College Pond, a SSSI and nature reserve and our villages of Forest Hill, Stanton St John, Elsfield and Beckley.  These villages are currently protected from being subsumed by Oxford City by the Green Belt.  The village of Beckley is a Conservation Area with a Grade I listed church and 24 additional listed buildings.  Route S2 would then pass very close to an important medieval triple-moated hunting lodge, Beckley Park, Grade I listed with a number of other listed buildings surrounding it and rare flora on nearby land.   Then the Route would cross Otmoor, a SSI and RSPB reserve with rare flora and fauna.  (Please see our detailed submission on the environmental impact on Otmoor and other important, sensitive sites [1] )  The route is very similar to a proposed route across Otmoor for the M40, which was rejected at Public Inquiry.

Our concerns-